And now to something completely different

Another Language. GentleZen Studios goes international.


As you may have noticed we changed the Layout of our blog. We did this for two reasons. 1st, we want to give GentleZen Studios the high-class look it deserves and 2nd, we will now use this Page as our Main Website. See it als Blog meets Website in a Magazine Style, without being to MAgazine 😉 We open our blog from being german and that for very regional to being international with it’s english language. Let me tell you why.

I (George) started this weblog as an informationpool about the work we do for our games. We were talking boardgames then. But a lot changed, and I’ll give you an overview about what we are doing and planing to do shortly. But the most urgent thing that changed is this we switch from boardgames to videogames. Maybe not completely, but the next year or so will focus on the growing market of videogames.

But we will produce our boardgame Victorian Brawler and we will sell it. In Germany (and Austria/Swizerland and everything german speaking roundabout)

It will have a Price that we add the shipping cost to, this way you’ll be able to better se where the money goes to. We will sell it beginng of june at the German Role Play Convention a mix of tradefair and convention that evolves around Fantasy in every genre from boardgame over rpg, tabletop to videogames.

Besides that we are right now producing a minigolfgame called Khaoss Putt. It’s a minigolf game, but with a twist. Besides being a cool little minigolf game that is fun to play it also is fun to watch. At least if you, like us love dystopian futures. The Minigolfcourses are placed in run down urban streets, fires are burning, exotic urban music is playing in the background. Will be a fun, but challenging game with 18 courses. You can listen to the Soundtrack here.

Besides that, which is mainly a “getting into gamemaking” kind of thing I am working on two additional concepts for videogames which I will talk to you about later, as they are in a fluid state right now and need to find there final form before promoting them to much. But it is a Zombie-Series (yes Series) which mixes Filmmaking (my Profession) and games and a Cyberpunk-Textadventure-Collection Thingie.


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