KhaosPutt – The finishing lines

Back from a few days off with my family. I started a new game, but that doesn’t mean that I’ll drop the one I worked on long days. Today is the big Day. Everything gets set up for the gameengine. The Next day’s to the End of the Month I’ll try to rock the whole thing through.


Let me tell you first what KhaosPutt is all about.

KhaoosPutt is a traditional MiniGolf Game. But with a twist. It’s set in a dystopic, mad max like apocalyptic setting. But only for the look. Nothing is changed for the Game itself. You hit a ball with a stick… and you try to get the ball to the hole as soon as possible.

Besides the apocalyptic look it features 18 urban songs with a worldmusic feel to it. You know, the ones I did last month:

I’ll add some pictures to our Facebooksite the next days. So feel free to follow us there and take a look. I’ll post a Link to the images when everything is done.


Stay tuned


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