Background for a space-shooter

So, I started a new Blog for a completely different topic, but if you understand german and are interested in Tiny Houses and stuff like that (focused on a house that can house 2 adults and up to 4 children) you should check out But back to the topic of this post.

I’m right now working hard on a background for a space-shooter I’m planing. Three fractions that are all evolved out of a backstory that spans decades. And three main characters, one for each Fraction, with it’s own Storyline for single-player that are, of cause, woven together for good mix 🙂

I plan 2 Modes, Singleplayer, which not only features a storyline, but also is features with a lot of small Episodes of Film that work hand in hand with the Levels. The other part is more tricky, but also a whole new way to play the game. It will not only feature a Multiplayer where you need to be connected all the time and play your moves one by one, but also one where you do your moves, send them to your opponent, and then he gets a message to do his. Kind of like play-by-mail or play by e-mail, but with sending your moves as files to a server, which makes them work on their own. The other player just clicks on the “do my moves now” button and plays sees them instantly, or waits till he has time. After he finished his moves he sends them back to you and watchs what you’ll do next. Asyncron turn based multiplayer if you wish.

Will have some more about that at a later point. STay tuned. And tell me if you’d like that in the comments or on facebook.


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