No Power, no Internet

So, as you know I’m at the RPC-Germany to present my board-game and my first videogame. Well, yeah, kind of.

Why you ask? Well I just got the Information that there is no power at the booth, which means I can’t show the videogame, and nether can I let you play-test it. Yeah, exactly. Not that great, especially as the rpc-germany is a fait for games of all kind, which means there are a fucking lot of other companies that not only show their videogames, but you may even be able to test them. Now lets look how we can get some guys and gals to buy the game based on printed out screenshots…

None the less will we, a thing that we wanted to feature big, let you all play some minigolf at our booth. We will build a new setup every two hours or so, so coming by more than once makes sense.

Which brings us to the next thing. We wanted to bring our coffeemaker to suit you some coffee, which doesn’t work, as there will be no way to plug in power… Yeah, I know, bonkers.

The last thing will be our board-game that we will focus on then. And we will show some early pieces of a bigger game we are working on. If you are interested in TBS (turn-based-strategy), Spaceships, epic stories (even in tiny games) and play-by-mail you should come along and ask about it.


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