Happy Fathers Day

Today it’s fathers day in germany. What better date to show of the little game me and my son worked on the last week or two.


So how did it come this far? Well. I was sitting on my Mac and working in Unity as my son Luca came along. He asked what I was doing so I told him that I was working on a game. He nod and said that we should do a game together. As I had to do a testgame for my tower defense scripts anyhow I told him that we could, but he’d have to come along with a story. And he would have to do as much as he could by himself.

Luca thought about it for a few seconds and came up with this story:

There is a train coming to the city. It is filled with sweets for the children in the city. Bad Guys want to stop the train. To do this they have to get to the bridge. And the police has to stop them getting there.

As this hits exactly what tower defense is I excepted to do this thing together. I told him that I’d build the game and he would have to do the artwork. And so we did.


The Idea was to hold it as easy as possible, as I thought that the game should be playable by Kids together with their dads or cool moms. so there is one kind of car and one kind of policecar. If you take a closer look you can see that Luca even did some textures for it. There are three waves of cars. If you destroy enough of them without 10 getting through you win, if not you loose. In that case the Kids will not get their candy.

Have a happy fathers day if you have it wherever you are, if not grab your son or daughter and play. It’s german named (as my son chose the name), but the game will be playable also without knowledge of the german language.

Enjoy the time with your child(s),
George and Luca


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