Victorian Brawler – Rulebook and Backgroundbook

Well, book in Quotes, as they both are a threefold brochure only. But that’s the strength of Brawlers. The Rules are easy to follow, the games are quick, and the Background is a fun foundation. But more on the Game tomorrow, today it’s showoff for the Rules and Background. Take a look:


The color of this image is fresh out of camera. As you can see the paper is slightly vanilla colored and as you can’t see, heavier than normal office paper. Stay tuned, tomorrow we will show you everything you get in the package. There will be a small “pink edition” run of 25 pieces with figurines that are, well pink.

btw, you may want to follow us on facebook as we post there more often.

And feel free to come by at our booth on the rpc-germany, where we will start to sell Victorian Brawler. We are at booth 5-059.


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