May I introduce you to my new Space-Fight Game/Film-Series? It’s called Spherehammer


Spherehammer tells a Story spanning from 2089 (Revolution of the Others) over 2113 (EIIS-ZEIT) till 2164 (OuterRim). These three Steps are big Dates in the History of Sphere and the frist and second SpaceWar. It will be a big SciFi Tale with mixed Media, where the Website, the Games and an online Series interact with each other to tell the Story of Sphere and what it has done with the World.

Right now I’m planning the timeframe and happenings for the whole series. I’m also preparing the Story for the EIIS-ZEIT Part of it for the game and the Series Intro. Prepare for an epic, but personal storyline with love, hate, starships. An Space Opera with a gritty, endzeit/cyberpunk feel to it.

A Website for Spherehammer will go online later this week, giving you more about the concept behind it. The “real” website for it is still in the work in will go online later this year.


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