we are George and Sandrine. And we do traditional games. Boardgames and videogames. Traditional but with a twist.

GentleZen Studios produces Games in the realm of Board- and Videogames, specialized on fantasy and sci-fi backgrounds. Dark, edgy or traditional with a twist. We produce videogames for Mac, PC, Linux, iOS and a bunch of Android Consoles

Our first game, as a statement and a sign. will be a boardgame. And as traditional boardgames are at least as much a part of our life than videogames you will see them influencing the others quite a lot. We didn’t learn boardgames from it videogame counterparts, but from the feel and style of wood, printed boards and the fun of rolling a dice. our first videogames (that we played and programmed) are from the golden aera of home-videogames. Our first consoles were Atari 2600 and the Pong machine, our first computers were the C64 and Amiga 500+. And from this time on every generation was at least with one console represented in our life. And will always be a part of it.



I’ve been creative all my life. Music, drawing, writing. After quitting school I worked a few years, than got back to school to get the education needed to go to the University. I started studying modern Japan, but quit due to getting children instead. At this time I started focusing on a new way of storytelling. Filmmaking. And after a few years working in this field and nearly two years doing a weekly tv magazine I now found a new old way of storytelling. Games. Which were part of my DNA for a long time. RPG, Tabletops, Videogames of all kind. Combined with my knowledge in the realms of filmmaking we should produce some nice products in that territory 🙂



After my apprenticeship and working some years in the job I learned I wanted to dig deeper into the knowledge of it. So I studied business economy. After that my husband and I decided to get children and become a family. This was a few years ago and my two wonderful children totally changed my view onto career and what it defines.


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